Unsecured Business

If you are looking for borrowing money without providing collateral,
then an unsecured business loan could be the best option for your
business. This type of loan is usually easy and quick approved!

Unsecured business loans

  • Up to $250,000 without security
  • From 3 to 24-month term (usually 12-month term)
  • Used for any business need
  • Minimum of 3 months in business
  • Fast approving process
  • 24-hours funding
  • Rates change from lender to lender subjected

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Are you eligible for an unsecured business loan?

At Sure Capital, our experienced staff discuss with our clients their needs and assess if they qualify for an unsecured business loan. Eligibility criteria change from lender to lender. At Sure Capital, we work with clients’ best interest in mind. We connect them with the lenders that from our experience, we know can offer the best deal.

The minimum eligibility criteria are:
• Be an Australian Business Australia with an active ABN
• Operating in Australia
• Have an annual turnover of minimum $75,000
• Be in business for a minimum of 3 Months
• Have a good cash flow
• Run a profitable business
• Have a good credit score

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What is the timeframe to repay an unsecured business loan?

The nature of an unsecured business loan is a short-term loan. At Sure Capital, we have partnerships with over 50 lenders that offer credit from 3 months up to 36 months. Depending on the interest rate, usually, our clients take a loan for 12-18 months on average.

What is the advantage of an unsecured business loan?

Unfortunately, many business owners in Australia cannot or do not want to provide any collateral when applying for a loan. Unsecured business loans are popular because if for any reasons, the debt cannot be repaid, the financial institution is unable to claim any of the business’s assets. We recommend using an unsecured business loan when the business has an opportunity to expand its activity or to purchase stock, machinery or equipment than can increase the profitability of the business.

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Any other advantages for an unsecured business loan?

  • The application process is easy and fast because it does not require any collateral
  • Borrowers can get access to the funds in 24 hours
  • Simple to get access to: business cash flow and credit score are the main criteria to get access to unsecured business loans.
  • No personal or business security required
  • The lender cannot claim any asset in case of failing to repay the loan
  • Relationship building with a lender: an unsecured business loan represents a high risk for a lender. After all the repayments have been finalized, the lender could be able to offer better term to the borrowers.
  • Improved business credit score

What are the disadvantages of an unsecured business loan?

  • The interest rate is higher than a traditional secured business loan: This is related to the risk that the lender is taking with lending the money. For the unsecured business loan, it is not necessary to provide security. Therefore the interest rate is higher. We recommend keeping the repayment terms the shorter as possible to reduce the cost of the loan.
  • Repayment penalties: If a business wants to repay the debt quicker, in some cases, the lender’s terms and conditions include penalties to the borrowers. The reason for that is straightforward: lenders do not want to lose out on potential interest that they will obtain for the full duration of the unsecured business loan.
  • Short term loans: Alternative lenders are willing to take the risk, but usually, they offer short term repayment options.
  • Personal guarantees: This is an exception if you have provided a director’s guarantee as a part of the unsecured business loan.

Why could an unsecured business loan be refused?

Thanks to our strong partnership with many lenders, at Sure Capital, we know precisely what their lending criteria are. We use this industry knowledge with our clients’ interest in mind. We cannot guarantee 100% loan approvals because the final decision is on the lender, but we make our best to find the best suitable solution and in case of refusal, to find an alternative option. From our experience, the most common reasons for refusing an unsecured business loan are:

Poor credit score
Outstanding Debt
Young Business
Weakening Industry
Seasonal Business
Inconsistent Revenue

How to apply for an unsecured business loan?

At Sure Capital, we have developed a one to one approach that allows us in 99% of the cases to get the money in our clients’ bank account within 1 day from the application. With our network of 50+ business loan providers, we open credit opportunities for your business.

We help you through the process, and we put you in contact with the lender that offers the type and size of business loan that meet your needs. Our partners assist eligible small businesses with unsecured business loans.

Sure Capital is the preferred and trusted finance broker for hundreds of small and medium local businesses in Australia. It all starts with an enquiry. Call us 1-300-198-514 or click on “see if you qualify” and we call you back to see if you qualify for an unsecured business loan.

Our lenders usually require a combination of the below as a part of an application:
Business financial statements
Business tax returns & statements
Business bank account statements

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© 2020 Sure Capital. All Rights Reserved. Designed at Vikilinks Australia